Hi, my name is Anita Szeghalmi, although everyone knows me as Vegan Yogi. You mostly follow my vegan tips, but nearly two thousand of you do yoga with me online. so this name is very apt. I am sharing with you my simple and great, quick-to-prepare, cost-effective and healthy two-course vegan menus that I prepare every day for my family and the visitors to my apartment restaurant. So it was time for this program with my recipes to be published.

It all started as a hobby...

It all started with the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. After reading a lot of online and written material, it was my own decision - in order to preserve my long-term health - to make this kind of lifestyle change. Although meat dishes were the order of the day in my kitchen at the time, fortunately I was not far from the colorful world of vegetables and reform side dishes. I read a lot of recipes, tried them, shaped them to my taste, followed the influencers I found interesting and suddenly I started speaking the vegan language.

Then it became a real mission

My main goal was to be able to prepare simple, fast, healthy and cost-effective vegan menus primarily for my family. Then friends came, friends of friends, and by the time I was two, I had turned my own home into an apartment restaurant. I shared the menus online, and by now many people have followed me and eaten with me, for which I cannot be grateful enough.

This website is full of my favorite recipes, real-life meal plans, and tips that have worked for me.

Accept it from me with sincere love, Vegan Yogi!


I would like you to know that I do not currently have any cooperation with a company. When I recommend a product, I do so because it has worked for me and because I simply love it.

I haven't specified a brand for the products, you can choose your favorites freely, but if you ask, I'll be happy to share with you which product worked for me.

If you eat gluten-free, adapt the ingredients to your diet, use whatever flour and side dishes you want.

If you eat sugar-free, add the sweetener that is proven to your diet, or replace the recommended one with the product that is most ideal for you.

I wrote a shopping list for each day, but you don't have to buy everything on it every day. Tick ​​off what is already in your kitchen and get what you need.

The quantities are pinches, coffee spoons, tablespoons, sprinkles, of course, where this is important, grams are also given. Season the food according to your taste and use the specified spices only as a guideline. Mainly the quantities. (except where this is fixed, see: g)

Breakfast is enough for 2 people, soup and main course for 4 people, dinner for 2 people.

If I'm on a diet, I take out my soup cup instead of a plate, and I put a small plate instead of a large plate for the main course.

Shop at your favorite place. I have been ordering from the Kifli.hu application for months - with the exception of a few products. It worked for me and let's face it, there is only one of me and the day only consists of 24 hours, so this kind of comfort and help is priceless for me. I need the rest of the time for my family and of course for myself.

I am neither a doctor nor a dietician. If you suffer from any medical condition, do not try the meal plan I have shared without your doctor's approval.

Remember these are just tips. Fly freely in the kitchen, never rush, enjoy every moment of cooking and eating. And if sometimes something doesn't work out the way you want, it's not bad in many cases, it's just not ready yet.