Yoga Camps

Vegan lifestyle and yoga camp (with lots of trips)
Weissensee lake in Austria
June 1 - 4
for 7 people

The trip includes:

round trip by bus

lift and boat rental

the apartment rental

one hour of yoga twice a day

the vegan, four-course daily meals I prepared

organizing and conducting the programs

I have been visiting this beautiful lake with my family for fifteen years. We have organized numerous ski programs here. So the time has come for me not to do yoga alone on the pier in the summer and not to hike alone in the mountains surrounding the lake.

The renovated apartment is located directly on the lake shore. We start every morning with yoga, on the private lakeside belonging to the house. After yoga, we have a delicious breakfast on the terrace, where you can admire the lake, the mountains and soak up the sight and the fresh scent. I prepare lunch after breakfast. During this time, you can sunbathe and relax on the beach, or if you feel like it, you can join in the cooking.

In the afternoon, we go on a trip to a different place every day, during these few days we hike the surrounding mountains, go boating and SUP on the turquoise water. We splash off the pier or just sunbathe as we please. And we end the evening with a delicious yoga at sunset.

If you like mountains and your Nordic walking stick is not rusty, you will love this camp.

The price of the trip is 490 euros/person

Booking fee 190 euros / person

Fuerteventura Vegan lifestyle and yoga camp
October 7 - 14
for 7 people

If you are in the mood for a wonderful adventure, then this road will be your vacation in 2023

The price of the one-week trip includes:
full accident, illness and baggage insurance the organization and execution of the programs (not including tickets), the rental and insurance of the car (not including gas costs) and the total cost of accommodation in a villa with a pool that meets all needs. an hour of yoga twice a day, as well as the vegan, four-course meals I prepare a day

Program plan: 

Every morning we start the day with yoga. The relaxation area next to the pool provides space for this. This is followed by a shared breakfast. Afterwards, relax by the pool, or as a free program, you can walk to the 350m beach to sunbathe, relax, and bathe. Meanwhile, I will prepare lunch. Anyone who wants can participate in the cooking. After lunch, we go on an adventure (see: sights) as there is a lot of beauty and interesting things on this island. After an early dinner, we do yoga on the beach, and after yoga, we visit the taverns and bars along the coast of Corralejo, and admire the unforgettable red-glowing sunset from their terraces.



Lobos Island 

El Cotillo fishing village 

Oasis park 

Morro Velosa Viewpoint 

Betancuria village 

Vega de Rio Palmas 

The price of the trip is 1050 euros/person Booking fee 250 euros / person

❗️The price of the trip does not include the plane ticket. A Ryanair plane flies to Fuerte with departure and arrival from Vienna. ❗️

Tópark (M1 exit) - Vienna Airport Vienna Airport - Tópark bus transfer is included in the price

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