Fuerteventura Vegan January

On the first of January, my 30+1-day vegan program started, and on the third, I set off on a quick two-week adventure to Fuerte, arm in arm with Beni.

Looking back, the whole of December was exciting. In addition to the fact that the whole family was preparing for Christmas, the kitchen was full, the lunch delivery started, and we held the last yoga class of the year three times - the third double class specifically on the morning of New Year's Eve -

I designed the website, which I barely completed. I wrote the recipes and put together this year's vegan yoga retreats that I've been planning for years. In the meantime, I studied and studied, since I couldn't keep up with the semester reports either.

In summary, when I arrived - at the end of a journey spanning the whole night - at the apartment and looked into the mirror hanging on the wall, I didn't really recognize myself. A tired, pale and skinned face, although very happy, looked back at me, who at that moment wanted nothing more than a dark room and a fluffy bed.

We left Vienna with Ryanair in the early hours of the morning, and then we will go home with WizzAir, exactly two days later. Thanks to a Hungarian group in Fuerte (Magyarok Fuerteventura), we also found a reliable transfer, who took us from the airport to the accommodation in Corralejo in a quick half-hour journey. I found the apartment on Booking, and I have to admit, it was love at first sight. Due to the Balinese atmosphere, the proximity to the beach and the pedestrian street, I can say in retrospect that it was the best choice.

We also got a car (caravamos.com), and after a great night's sleep, the great adventure from Corralejo to Puerto de la Cruz, across and across, began.

Well, let's not run so far ahead...

It was incredible the first morning without the clock ringing, you know when you just wake up on your own. The morning is buji, hugs, when you don't have to rush, because the ovi doesn't start and the Kifli doesn't ring.

I give thanks for these mornings.

You couldn't miss the daily communication either, so Beni and I agreed that during the afternoon break, I would work a little every day. Many emails and messages were received, the website was visited by three thousand interested people in the first two weeks, which exceeded even my wildest dreams.

I started the mornings with a divine coconut latte in the square. Every day in the same cafe, where I don't know what shone more brightly, or Roberta's mischievous Italian smile.

During this time, Beni was playing soccer and playing in the square, and I watched every time and wondered when this recently tiny child became so big. And oh how much has happened since then. Dreaming, change, planning, realization...and now I'm here. I am writing to you all that was once a dream.

While the vegan January is going on and everyone is entrusted with the 16:8 timed vegan meal, I don't cook "for myself" every day, and the eight-hour time zone is a challenge for me as well.

From time to time I go to the local vegan restaurant and change my tastes to the daily menu.

If you've been there and want some delicious vegan street food, then visit the H2O Juice bar and try the raw zucchini spaghetti with sun-dried tomato pesto, or the burger made with a homemade bun, which has become Beni's favorite. But I strongly recommend the Italian Cantatore family's vegan restaurant called Baobab, where the daily menus are magical, they inspired me as well as every place, taste or smell.

And if we weren't cooking, sunbathing, bathing, eating, or playing in the square, we visited different corners of the island.

Such was the wonderful white sand bay of Caleta de Fuste, the huge cactus plantation and zoo of the Oasis park, the southern viewpoint Faro punta de Jandia where you can see the island of Las Palmas in good weather. The village of Betancuria with its traditional charm, or El Cotillo with its red glowing sunset, which makes this trip and the island unforgettable.

Two more days, two more nights. Then we pack the suitcase and say goodbye to the apartment, Saida and Stefano ( mareafuenteventurahome.com ), and the island. From this bubbly, spinning, colorful, smelly and very loud island. And as always, after a trip close to our hearts, we promise to return. As promised in May.

I wish you, my dear reader, to come here one day and melt into the heart of Fuarte, to experience and feel all that - or even more - like Beni and I.

Vegan yogi